Pura vida! ~one Costa Rican to another

Today was one of the top 10 vacation days of my life. It started with a really long night’s sleep (Costa Rica is a restful place). Then breakfast in the breeze at our hotel – the design of this place is fantastic- the hotel has no indoor lobby or restaurant- it’s all open air. I had a brief work meeting and then…we went SURFING!


It was a fabulous experience. The guys who taught us were just perfect. They had patience and knew what we needed to do to be at ease and get going. They embodied what we have found in this place- kind, friendly, willing to teach some Spanish and with an easy sense of humor.



We SURFED for a couple of hours and then got a massage.


And then had lunch on the beach where we got a picture of Tico Ron Christenson. He was tickled at the thought of his twin in Minnesota.


And then we went back to SURF some more.

…until the sun went down.



And we came back for drinks at the hotel. I ran back to take a quick shower while our Monkey Business (baileys, bananas, vodka, and probably some other yummyness) were being poured. There was a Halloween crab in the shower with me. Yikes!


What a lovely day. I can not express enough my gratitude for this time in another place with the hubs. We SURFED!


We love you Grace and Max.