God’s love is manifest in the landscape as in a face. ~John Muir

We spent our last full day in Costa Rica in the cloud forest/rain forest at a hotel called El Silencio. It sits deep in a nook in a valley of the mountains that make up two volcanos. We were woken up by howler monkeys again, this time in the distance. The number of different bird sounds down here is amazing.

We went on probably the most magical hike I’ve ever taken, with a guide from our hotel named Orlando. It started in the organic farm the hotel runs for their restaurant.


I warned him not to touch the livestock. We’re lucky we got back in the country. He had to check a box on that reentry form that said he had touched livestock. Oy.


The scenery was not simply breathtaking, I think it was breath-giving.


Our guide diverted our hike when we mentioned we still hadn’t seen frogs for Pooh.


We were also treated to an afternoon at the spa at our hotel, which turned out to be sort of a mistake. For our last day on vacation, we both wished that we hadn’t spent the time apart. Rather, we wished we had spent the time taking in the peacefulness of the place and the tranquility that this trip has brought.


It has been wonderful to give in to such a lovely place.


We had a delicious dinner, which included many things from the farm. Dan was thrilled to order trout that we had seen coming out of the pond that morning!


We’re heading back home.