I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. ~Mark Twain

We are on the flight home from San Jose, Costa Rica now. We’ll stop briefly in Miami on our way to St. Louis.

The drive from our hotel to San Jose was enchanting. I don’t expect the rest of the trip to be so noteworthy.


These two reminded me how much I missed my babies. The little guy still had an umbilical cord dangling.


Such a lovely country.


I could go down any of these roads, learn some spanish and tuck away for a long time here – but I’d have to go grab our chickens and bring them back too.


I am not sure how to express my gratitude for this trip or for being able to go for it without sounding like an indulgent oscars speech. Dan has given me everything and I am a very lucky girl. We loved traveling together.

I’ll save my thanks for everyone else when I hug you people in person. Please know, if I asked you to be on the lookout for my babies in any way, you made this trip possible for me. Knowing that our marriage and family is supported by all of you is heaven on earth. Life is good.