This snowcone is giving me a brain sneeze. It’s when your brain needs to sneeze, but it can’t cause it’s a brain, so it just hurts. ~Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty

The Official Agenda for Cousin Camp Day 5 showed a day with Counselor Missy in charge of a picnic at Faust Park with a visit to the carousel and Butterfly House.   It was the most beautiful July day you could imagine – 80 degrees with a bright blue sky.


I wasn’t there so Missy may have to guest post to fill in the meat about the real life going on behind these adorable pictures.  Had they pirated this lunch from some other previously happy family? I don’t know.


Did sweet Walker get left here by a team of roving bandits on horses?  I don’t know.


I believe Addie is waiting patiently for a butterfly to land on her in this one.  No mischief, just a little girl who loves butterflys.  I forgot to ask her if she saw the beautiful blue one like in her Fancy Nancy book.


I have no clue what Missy did to get these 5 kids to look at the camera at the same time.  Gorgeous.  Oh wait, Walker isn’t looking.  The universe is still in order.

They came back to the Camp and had some rest time and naps.  Those are much needed by Day 5 of Cousin Camp.

Then Counselor Missy had them going on some Minute to Win It games.


I’m not sure what all this entailed, but I do know that I saw cotton balls and those give me a major case of the heebeejeebeeeeees so I stayed away.  And I had to work.  On that topic, I do not recommend having a home office smack in the middle of a Cousin Camp.  It is hard to concentrate when there is so much fun going on around you.  Fun can be loud.



Oh my goodness, is that processed food on her eye?


And candy?  Shoot.  Don’t tell Dan that was in our house.

I convinced the boys that even though our Agenda said that it was their day to choose dessert, it was best to get red, white and blue snow cones on 4th of July eve.  They wanted to choose the rival ice cream store to the one the girls chose last night, but I showed them the dance that usually ensues after a 4th of July Eve Snow Cone (it includes stirring the pot, and roger rabbit with a jazz hands/twinkle fingers finish with words like “I’m in Kirkwood, and I love it, I’m in Kirkwood and I love it”).  They liked the dance and agreed to take their ice cream night on Friday.  The truth is 5 nights of ice cream in a row would simply be too much. Even for me.


Snow cones it was.  Max is a ninja in case you can’t see him there.  And we were a man down.  The missing one was in the infirmary (aka minivan with the iPad).  She had a bit of a headache.  My guess is that Cousin Camp includes a lot of togetherness and she needed a little less of that for one evening, which was quite easy to accommodate.  Addie and I headed home after snow cones and the others … traveled out west in search of FIREWORKS.  We asked who wanted to go and Walker’s hand shot straight up.


The 4th is going to be a good one!!!


Stay tuned…