The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind. ~Rumi

I am grateful today for the chance to ski; for the health and time and energy to do it.


I am grateful for this friend who has expanded my boundaries every single week for many, many weeks. Every Saturday before our long runs I say that I’m too tired and there is no way I can do it today. And every Saturday she says “We’ll be fiiiiiine. It will all be fiiiiine”. Today as we put our skis on we had the exact. same. conversation. Man am I lucky that she hasn’t smacked me. Or worse, refused to run with me any more!


I am grateful for my little family and the chance to be a mom. I am grateful for this stage where they are themselves full of strengths and challenges and humor and grace and funny faces. The hugs and laughs are worth a thousand words.