It’s no matter the distance, it’s the ride. ~Stephen Stills, Thoroughfare Gap

I am thankful for a safe trip back home to St. Louis. Although we talked about our great love for Colorado the whole way back, it is good to be in our little cottage tonight. The warmth and contentment is in our hearts so a picture wouldn’t do it justice. (Really I just don’t have a good one.)

Thankful for Dwight D Eisenhower and his Interstate Highway System. Without it I don’t know how we would ever get to Colorado. This monument to the Kansas workers who lost lives building the interstate was lovely.


I’m also thankful for Dr Dre’s Beats Pill. Our car is too old to have built in streaming music, so this had to do. We had a great playlist going the last few hours of our drive back. Dan loved it so much that he meandered home at the end; so funny to meander back at the end of a 14 hour drive.