Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least. ~Geothe

I am grateful today that my mom got some results back from her oncologist about her latest bone marrow biopsy.  6 months ago we were told she may have a few weeks to live.  After 6 brutal months of chemotherapy treatments, we’re very thankful for time with her.  And also deeply thankful for her friends (some good examples pictured here) who have helped her laugh through it all.  More info on her Caringbridge site.

photo 1

I am grateful for my husband and just about everything about him (please note that I said “just about”…)  I get excited any time he sends me an email just to see what fun he has going … today it was this piece on building character from Elanor Roosevelt in 1931.


I’m also thankful for my house.