It is ok to say, “that could have been so much worse,” which is always the case. ~Anne Lamott in Help, Thanks, Wow about how saying thanks is a prayer

I am thankful today and yesterday for arriving safely in DC for a business trip. I took Southwest Airlines and my flight was pleasant; it could have been so much worse.

I am thankful that even though I am not as organized as one would hope, and there were no hotel rooms left in the entire District of Columbia when I went to book one 20 hours before my flight, such that I am staying at a B&B which is really just some older people’s house, it could have been so much worse. These two didn’t haunt me in my sleep…


And my friends helped me to laugh about it. I can never be thankful enough for my friends laughing with me. It could be so much worse.

Any my littles calling me on FaceTime also rocks. They are precious little gems. And I miss them and their skin and faces and activities and messes and needs and fights and rudeness and kindness and offness and right-sweet-on-ness and voices saying mom, mom, mom, mama, MAMA, mommy pants, with my entire being. Being away from them is physically painful for me. And it could be so much worse than a few day business trip.


I also have to say that I am so grateful that my parents are still here in their physical form as my parents. They won’t always be and we have gotten through times when we thought they wouldn’t be for many more days. I don’t know how many more we have, but it could have been so much worse.

Halleluia. And thanks.

PS I am not thankful for how FaceTime makes everyone look like they have a pig nose and twelve neck rolls. I’m not sure it could be much worse than that FaceTime. Thanks for your service, no thanks for the look.