I’m out of town, again, and only talked to Dan and Max on the phone briefly today from Dan’s car. Max was so excited to tell me a funny story about how they heard the song “I had a bad day” and Max asked Dan what happened if you heard that song but you weren’t having a bad day. Witty Dan said that you just change the radio station and did just that. The new station was playing “it was the best day of my life.” They thought that was hilarious. Hilarious. Which made my day, for the second time.

In unrelated news, this is Max and his self portrait.


The first time my day was made was when I got off the plane and got an email from Dan about how much the kids loved the bread we made last night and some other tidbits from their morning. That’s the stuff I live for.

And I loved this on the floor at the Tampa airport. Have you ever noticed that airports many times have really cool designs in terrazzo floors?


Tampa, not so cool. 80 degrees plus and humid.