Lift up your eyes upon. This day breaking for you. Give birth again. To the dream. ~Maya Angelou

I realized today one of the things that gets things going so much easier in the summer: the summer morning.  It is light out when I leave at 5:30am.  It’s light out when we come back in at 9:00pm.   It is easier to BE light when there IS light.  There is simply more day and more light within which to be a part of the world.

I’m grateful for the sunlight and warmth on my commute home from an afternoon working on a proposal:


I am so very thankful that Grace still creates little colorful creatures.  I love that she sees these in her mind’s eye and they come to life.


And I am so glad for how long the daylight lasts at the Kirkwood Farmer’s Market.  Long enough for everyone to enjoy the colors (and taste) of one of these: