I’m grateful for the end of summer and beginning of new things.  Sorta.

As a  swimming pool loving kid, the end of summer is mixed with a real bitter sweetness.   A pool after school is back in session but before Labor Day is a strange place; the heat is still in the air but the life is gone.   The light is even different, lower in the sky as the sun heads back to the southern hemisphere. It is quiet and peaceful and a little sad.   I felt the pang of end-of-summer sadness when I took the kids to the pool after school last week.  It was a jolt in that part of my heart that is still a teenager and took me straight back to the end of summer as a lifeguard: the college kids are gone back to school,  friends from other schools are back to school and the pool is not the center of daily life; it’s an eerie place.   It is a period at the end of the summer.  It’s over no matter how you feel about it.

I’m grateful for that sad feeling and remembering how fun teenage summers were.  Like it was yesterday.

2014-08-20 16.25.03

I’m grateful for Fall Ball.  I think it is the baseball player’s response to that eerie end of summer feeling they had when there were no more baseball games.  Fall Ball!  See, summer’s not over, we’re still playing baseball!  I’m not grateful for how dark it was at only 8:00pm Sunday night at Max’s game.  Also not happy about the 99 degree temps at that hour either.

2014-08-24 20.02.19

And finally, I’m grateful for the return of blankie.  It was lost for more than a week.   We were *this close* to having to say goodbye to more than summer – we almost had to sign off on Max’s little boyhood and welcome him into big boyhood fully.   Thankfully!!!, that didn’t happen.  Blankie was only lost behind a piece of furniture.  I’m not so grateful that no one in this family is thorough enough to have looked behind that particular piece of furniture during the many hours we spent in a search party.  Next time we will create a search map grid and follow it precisely as if it was Max himself we lost.  It would be well worth our time.  I am grateful for the squeal of “Mommy, Daddy, I found blankie!” when it was found.  Oh boy.   I love that kid.

2014-08-24 09.51.53

Some things end, some things never will.  (Dear Max’s Future Wife, please give Max as much comfort as this little blankie has.  It’s all I’ll ever ask of you. ;))