Let’s go Royals. ~Kansas City fans everywhere all through October

What a loss.

Our dad was an avid royals fan. For us Barmann siblings, the Royals are a part of our hearts and souls, an everyday part of our childhood, as much a part of our family as we each are, and a gift from our dad from further back than we can remember.

Or at least since 1977.

Robbie Barmann has worn these socks every day since this picture was taken.

And Jim too circa 1980 and not just because Rob did. Dad must have dressed these guys for their pictures.

Watching the Royals in the post season this October has been incredibly full of joy, especially after losing our dear dad on Sep 18th. In some strange way, it kept us close to him and celebrating all that was good in our family. I’ll remember this baseball season as an integral part of the start of his life in heaven.

His brick placed at Kauffman Stadium for his 75th birthday in 2010.

The last baseball game he attended in person, celebrating Rob’s 40th birthday in May 2014. I sat with him that night thinking that it may be the last time. I bought him a cane to take in to the game because he was wobbly and he was so thankful. He was always thankful. He walked on my arm on the way out and I am thankful for that.

I love you dad. You gave us the Royals to love and so, so much more.

What a loss.