Everyone is flailing through this life without an owner’s manual, with whatever modicum of grace and good humor we can manage.  ~Anne Lamott

We’re kicking off the third round of Cousin Camp 3.0.

Because when life socks you in the belly*, I say take out all of your first floor plumbing, pull up the flooded carpet in your bedroom, put your youngest in a broken ankle boot, let the dog throw up on all carpet not already flooded out, give an extra pillow to prop your special needs sister who also got stuck with sleep apnea, give a bonus dose of ibuprofen to your oldest knowing that 103.5 fevers don’t *usually* cause too much trouble and BRING ON THE COUSINS!

Some things have to stay the same.  Do you hear me gods (devils?) of chaos?   I mean it.  We love the tradition of having our MN kids with us for a week in the summer.   Quit trying to get in our way!

*Missy and I have both had a pretty bumpy last few months juggling the demands of closing out our parents’ estates and caring and planning for Amy’s needs.   And seemingly unrelated, but most likely pretty related, our house seems to be falling down around us, including the people inside it.  A dear friend (enemy?) said the other day that she did not trust my karma.  Another dear friend (frenemy?) said that I am a good candidate for botox.  It’s all actually funny because I have started wondering if I did something really wrong in a past life.

But as always, I land on the fact that if I did do something wrong in a past life, it must have also been a prank that went a little off and nothing deeply horrible, because as bad as some of this stuff is, I see some good in every last bit of it.

With regards to the botox comment, I did something wrong in this very life and intentionally got sunburned.  Repeatedly.

Anyway, this is just a heads up, it is cousin camp week and pictures will follow.

2015-07-23 19.20.12

Boys waiting to get picked up by Dan, who was already in the game.

2015-07-23 19.21.09

They thought Stan Musial was weird looking in this statue, “probably because he played for the Cardinals”.  They were NOT HAPPY that the Royals lost.

2015-07-23 21.51.19

Addie and I had a little date and went to get frozen Custard because Grace went to bed early not feeling well.  It was such a treat to talk to her all about her favorite part of Circus Camp – the trapeze!!!