The cave you fear to enter hold the treasure you seek.  ~Joseph Campbell

Day 2 of Cousin Camp was another good day.


We took the advice of my dear friend and MO family friendly outdoor adventure expert, Jodie Allen, and drove down to Onondaga Cave State Park.


We hiked the mile or so into the forest to take the lantern tour of Cathedral Cave.  Half of us were scared out of our wits to go in, especially me.


But the cool temps and wondrous geology distracted us.


The tour was two hours long.


The kids were enthralled.


They imagined super heros building their command centers deep down in this cave.


The best part was when everyone in the tour group turned their lights off and we were all silent.   Lights *accidentally* came on only four times during the two minutes of dark silence.  I’ll let you guess if all four times were caused by our little group or not.


This group gives two big thumbs up to the cave exploration.


We then had lunch by the river and played a little bit.  Max broke down for the first time since he broke his ankle.  His frustration at being held back by the boot was intense.  We decided to make him king-of-the-moment and all 6 of the rest of us carried him down to the water on our shoulders.  It did the trick.


It was such a great getaway.  Revision to original post:  We went home and the BOYS spent the night with Aunt Missy and the GIRLS did some art and had Strange Donuts to refuel and prepare for Day 3.3.