I find standing and posing for photos very awkward.  ~Nicole Kidman

Day 3 of Cousin Camp was a bit of a lazy, recovery day.  Everybody lazed around in the morning and then we headed out to the movies.  We saw Jurassic World.  The crew mostly gave it thumbs downs.


There wasn’t much noteworthy about the day besides the normal chaos.  Trying to get this picture at the theater at least provides for one thing.


It shows how Walker is in some sort of phase with photos.  He either opens his mouth really wide and acts incredulous or throws a few gang-ish signs.  I didn’t catch him off guard here; he’s posing.


Just in case anyone started to get jealous of me and think I only show the good parts of life (I know, you’re so jealous!) … I think that fake chair broke during this.  I think everyone blends right in with the backdrop.  Yes?


Obviously I quit before we got a good pic, otherwise you would see Walker looking much more thuggish.  And you’d probably see Max’s face.

After the movie, the girls went for a sleepover at Missy’s house and the boys played the night away.  This is the real stuff.