While grief is fresh every attempt to divert only irritates.  You must wait till it be digested, and then amusement will dissipate the remains of it. ~Samuel Johnson

Day 4 started with a trip to get Donuts for the Underwarriors.  Underwearers?  Undie brigade?  I forget what they called themselves.  Half nakeds?


Luckily I did manage to get them in clothes by the time we left for SIX FLAGS!


Grace accomplished one of her summer “goals” and rode Mr Freeze.


I reveled in having a 5 year old along.


The kids were very adventurous. Addie wasn’t posing, she was excited/terrified.


The boys were equally terrif—happy to be going along too.


I’m not sure I’ve mentioned to anyone how often, recently, I find myself thinking “what could go wrong?”


Yep.  Two wheelchairs, ONE mom, five kids.  Nolan got quite queasy after that loop-de-loop ride.  We tried an ice cream stop to get something cold and rest sitting down for a bit but he felt too yucky for ice cream, so we called in first aid.


Please note that I did NOT get to finish that whole entire ten scoop, fresh made waffle, ice cream cone before we got to the first aid house.  I sure tried but it would not have been appropriate to keep slurping up that ice cream in the nurses station.  Would it have?  I debated the whole walk there.  I looked like one of the kids when we got there – ice cream all over my face and hands.  It is SO HARD to push a wheelchair and eat a giant waffle cone in 108 degree heat.   I sure did give a point back to the universe for this one.

Nolan was feeling pretty pitiful for a few minutes but rebounded very quickly.  Don’t let that face fool you – he and Max were super mad there because their side of the boat didn’t get soaked.


Overall, it was a great day.


We bonded like only an amusement park can help you do- being filthy and sweaty and pretty sick to your stomach and going back for more together.


The best part of the whole day, for me, was riding the taxi ride with Walker.  I kept telling him to drive straight, which he couldn’t do as those cars are on that little track.  It cracked him up over and over and over and over.  We rode it 5 times.


This day may have been the best day of this whole year.   It was a purely good day.  I felt my love for my kids and their cousins so deeply and with attention that has been hard to give over the last year.  I was in heaven spending so much time in one big chunk with all of them.

We stayed until they closed down the park.  In memory of my mother.