Welcome to our family journal. I decided to start it after a couple of incidents that were funny and milestone-ish, that I wanted to remember and share.

I had also had a nagging feeling about never doing a baby book very well.  I started one for Grace, but I chose a bad pen which made the handwriting awful which lead to the need to actually cross things out.  It was so ugly I never wanted to look at it.  And the truth was, it didn’t capture what I really wanted to remember and pass on.

I started writing letters to the kids on special occasions, which was a good start.   But the pen issue was still there.  And they mostly said the same thing – I love your soul and am doing my best to honor you.  This is something I want etched into their hearts.

So I threw together this blog.  I really wanted to document the essence of our lives since it is so fleeting.  Kind of like what you do in a baby book combined with the desire to bottle the laughs, the sounds of voices, the quirky things kids say and the way their skin feels.  Like Kramer wanted to do with his “ocean” perfume on Seinfeld.  I know I can’t capture all of those things, but I hope I can capture how we’re living, laughing and loving.

I started writing this 8 months 3 1/2 years ago.  It turns out I love doing it and the task of it has become a source of harmony.  Spending time reflecting on our joys has made life more joyful.   This is the good life.


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